'Out of the Box' by La Marzocco

OUT OF THE BOX, a destination event dedicated to La Marzocco's partners and coffee enthusiasts from around the globe. A cultural celebration that brings together the local community through La Marzocco's passion for amazing coffee.

The day is jam packed with top industry panels, a chance to watch the finals of the SCAEUK Coffee in Good Spirits & Latte Art championships plus you can get hands on with workshops & masterclasses. Then when all the serious coffee stuff is over in true LaMarzocco style you can expect an evening full of live music, street food and prizes at the Christmas After Party!

So the low down & highlights for this epic day…….

SCAE UK - Coffee in Good Spirits competition:

Designed to entice budding bartenders as well as baristas each competitor has 8 minutes to set up and 8 minutes to prepare 2 perfect Irish Coffees and two of their own signature hot or cold coffee cocktail. Judged on their technical skills, the visual appeal of the drinks and, most importantly, on the flavour - it’s a tough but delicious one!

SCAE UK - Latte Art competition:

The UK Latte Art Competition is an exhilarating competition showcasing pouring perfection. Each competitor has 10 minutes to produce three matching pairs of drinks with the most complex and visually appealing designs possible.

The good and the great of the industry share their expertise and coffee stories in brilliant series of panel discussions:

Re:co ‘Under the Spotlight’:

Panelists: Matt Slater, International Re:co Symposium Director.  Re:co is a symposium event rich in discussion, leading innovation and strategy development aimed at those with passion towards speciality coffee. Re:continues to bring inspiring and challenging ideas to the coffee community in order to seek real change. Get your questions at the ready!

Maximising Modern Media:

Panelists: Webseries creator and inspired barista Celeste Wong, Scott Bentley, the founder and creator of Caffeine Magazine, Jason Breckenridge, the filmmaker behind 'This Beautiful Addiction' which is a documentary series about the obsessive search for quality coffee & Tim Rogg, creator of 'The Right Roast' a web series promoting the best new coffees from around the globe.

Profile of a Profiler:

Panelists: Bradley Nelson is Head of Professional Sales at @ikawacoffee and comes to Out of the Box fresh from speaking at the EU Roasters Retreat and the Nordic Roaster Forum, from Austria Andy Benedikter, head of sales at @cropster_, who's software helps roasters create and exchange roast profiles, from Sweden cofounder of @koppi_roasters and Swedish Barista Champion, Anne Lunell who'll be sharing her 10+ years of experience en route back from Columbia, plus three time UK Barista Champion, co-owner and founder of @colonnacoffee and author, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood. From sourcing through to software, the mix and years of experience between the panellists guarantee a rich discussion covering lots of ground.

Brand and Deliver:

The panel aims to explore how companies maintain the heart of a small independent company as they grow into bigger, global brands; specifically three different hospitality based brands that have become globally recognisable.   Panelists: Grey Goose's European Ambassador Joey Medrington, Daniel Thompson hospitality expert specialising in trends and strategies and is currently leading a global coffee development programme for Soho House & Co plus La Marzocco UK's general manager, Paul Kelly, will join the panel to discuss the journey that La Marzocco, the brand, has been on from its inception up until today.

The UK Modern Slavery Act: Do you really know who grows your coffee?

In 2015 Brazilian authorities liberated farm workers in coffee farms from slave-like conditions. If one of the most sophisticated origins has this blight, what might the working conditions be in some of the more remote of our origins? New legislation has been introduced in the UK, holding companies liable for not only their own practices, but for those in their supply chains in other countries. How do we as a coffee community invested in ethical sourcing, ensure what we believe about our coffees is true?  Panelists: Falcon Coffee CEO Konrad Brits and head of Falcon Speciality Sales, Mike Riley.

Masterclasses & workshops

Grey Goose Coffee Cocktail Masterclass, Roasting demonstrations with Ikawa Coffee and Cupping Sessions with Falcon Coffees.

Linea Mini True Artisan Café

La Marzocco have pulled together some of Europe's finest roasters so you can try all their coffees, under the same roof. A rare opportunity and no airfare required!

So if you’re in the industry or just like a good coffee this is a day of insights, discoveries and just plain good fun!!!   Register for Out of the Box being held at Hackney House on Saturday 3 December via http://ootb16.eventbrite.co.uk and don't forget to bring your registration form with you to be in with the chance of winning a trip to Florence!