Lumen Digital Art Exhibition at BL-NK

  Electric Sheep  by Scott Draves, Lumen @ Swansea 2016, photo courtesy of Paolo Viel

Electric Sheep by Scott Draves, Lumen @ Swansea 2016, photo courtesy of Paolo Viel

This Spring BL-NK has partnered up with Lumen to launch a permanent digital art exhibition in our first floor gallery. Over 6 screens the work of some of Lumen’s coolest artists from the last two years will be showcased. The 2015 Founder’s Prize winner Scott Draves will have you mesmerized with his work Electric Sheep. A generative work of art that can be installed on your phone, tablet or laptop, Electric Sheep, comes alive as your iOS or Andriod operating system ‘sleeps’. Here, you’ll be able to witness what happens when 450,000 computers come together to form one giant supercomputer. It’s the coolest screensaver you’ll ever see.

You’ll also be able to catch the audio-visual work of the Brazilian collective Altera. Their shortlisted work RHEOTAXIS places water at its center, capturing its natural movement by overlaying randomness, selection and design to produce what they term  ‘dynamic paintings’.

The exhibition is open daily in the first floor gallery + bar at BL-NK. 

We’ll also be hosting Lumen’s 2016 Winners’ Gala on September 29th. This event will include an installation, artist talks and the distribution of an $11,000 prize fund to artists working in categories such as Interactive Art, Mixed-Reality and Moving Image.

Find all the 2015 Lumen winners and shortlisted artists here.

If you want to know more about the artists or have any questions about the Lumen Prize please contact Charlotte.

About Lumen
Launched in 2012, The Lumen Prize celebrates the very best art created digitally by artists from across the globe. As of Spring 2016, Lumen has staged more than 20 shows around the world taking its annual exhibition all the way from London, to China and the USA.

Lumen’s number one goal remains raising the profile of digital art - that is, anything made using electronic devices, and the artists Lumen support use anything from their personal smartphone or tablet to 3D printers and original coding. The second aim of the prize remains to create more opportunities for digital artists. While this is perhaps an odd goal for an art prize, Lumen has always aimed to be more than just a prize. This has been achieved through Lumen’s endeavor to aid a better understanding of what the term ‘digital art’ actually means. One of the ways Lumen has done this is though its adaptability. In response to the artistic practices of the creatives it supports, Lumen has introduced new prizes for 2016 including Mixed Reality, Games and Web-based art - and what these new categories reveal is just how diverse this exciting genre is.

"The opportunities Lumen creates to cross boundaries, both conceptual and literal, are enormous. We are only just beginning to explore the space created for work beyond the usual art hegemonies."Jonathan Kearney(Postgraduate Programme Director at the University of the Arts London (Camberwell College) & Course Leader for MA Fine Art Digital)

“The Lumen Prize has built a strong international reputation for showcasing some of the most exciting contemporary digital art projects. It is to be commended for supporting both established  and emerging practitioners working at the leading-edge of digital creativity.” Michael Takeo Magruder (2015 Immersive Environments Award Winner)